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A LUV Story: From scrappy startup to global success

It’s not every day you get to champion a true underdog story — but then, it’s not every day that the underdog becomes one of the biggest success stories in a century. 

Southwest Airlines (SWA) celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2021, and we were tasked with bringing their story to life through a content bank of 50 stories documenting their journey and two printed books — one a highly visual history book, and the other a book on leadership lessons the airline leaned into over the course of 50 years. An amazing client, an inspiring story, and a quirky style guide with random word capitalizations and an insistence on using LUV for “love” made this project one of my all-time favorites. 


Writing of content bank stories, now available on SWA’s 50 Years. One Heart. Web site (see Moments in Time section). These stories provided a content base to work with in developing the airline’s history and leadership books. Suggested reads: 

• A Turning Point: The Birth of the 10-Minute Turn

• The Way Things Were: A Texas-Sized Flashback

• Paying It Forward: The Southwest ProfitSharing Plan

• The Wright Amendment Cometh

• Social Studies: Social Media the Southwest Way

Creative direction of the content, photography, layout, and publication of two books: 50 Years. One Heart. and Leading With Heart: Living and Working the Southwest Way (publication 2022.)