Marketplace Understanding: The U.S. Census Bureau

(three videos below)

How do you focus your communications strategies when your audience is the entire U.S.? You spend time getting to know its citizens.

When the agency I worked for began competing to manage the communications programs for the U.S. Census Bureau, we took our creative and our research to a deeper level: street-level. We hit the streets of Chicago, talking with people about the issues that mattered to them and testing our creative ideas in the real world. To give the Census Bureau a picture of what we had learned, we edited 100 hours of footage into this marketplace understanding video:

During the course of our interviews, we noted three specific challenges the Bureau would have to address in order to engage people in the census process: apathy towards the process, fear of or anger towards the government, and a simple lack of awareness about the process. To better understand and demonstrate these challenges, we complied these voices as examples:

In the end, we wanted to convey the idea that although communities may face different issues, they are all connected in some way…and the Census gives people a voice in addressing them. The visual thesaurus animation below highlighted this interconnectedness and introduced our campaign theme, “This Changes Everything.”

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